Dr. med. Simon Zimmermann, MD

Board Certified Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon, FEBOPRAS, Nose und Face Super Spezialisation.

I am a plastic surgeon specialized on the face. My main focus and great passion is the nose. In addition to my work at TheSwissNose Clinic in Zurich, I spend time every year with renowned surgeons from all over the world. Operating together enables me to offer the most modern techniques in Zurich.

My philosophy

I only perform surgery in the face. My main focus and my great passion is the nose. This specialization is crucial for me to meet your expectations every day. I achieve the best results by balancing inner and outer beauty. Rhinoplasty not only changes the shape of your nose, but also the character of your face.

My Results

Nasal surgery combines science and art. The beauty is in the detail. Every plastic surgeon has his or her own artistic style. I always aim for natural results. To me, a natural nose is a nose that does not look obviously operated on. You will notice the change every day. The shape of the nose is in balance with your outer facial features and inner character traits. Just imagine a more beautiful version of your current nose.

Talking to you personally helps me to get a feeling for what you expect from a nose correction. Conversely, it is also important for me that you get a feeling whether I am the right doctor for you. To help you decide, I share my results every week on Instagram and Tik Tok. This way you can decide for yourself if my nose style meets your expectations.

My experience

- Since 2022

Foundation of private practice TheSwissNose Clinic
Specialist for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

- 2022

Istanbul (Turkey): Art of Rhinoplasty Masterclass
Dr. Baris Cakir & Dr. Valerio Finocchi

- 2020-2022

Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch: Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

- 2019

European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)

- Since 2018

Istanbul (Turkey): Aesthetic nose surgery
Dr. Baris Cacir & American Hospital

- 2018-2019

Cantonal Hospital Frauenfeld: Hand and Plastic Surgery

- 2017

Bogota (Colombia): Aesthetic facial and nasal surgery
Private Practice Escobar MD

- 2015-2017

University Hospital Zurich: Clinic for Plastic and Hand Surgery, Urology, Trauma Surgery
Graduation University of Zurich with thesis: "The novel treatment of SVF-enriched fat grafting for painful end-neuromas of superficial radial nerve"

- 2016

New York City (USA): Aesthetic facial and nasal surgery
Kassir Plastic Surgery NY and NJ

- 2015

Graduation Medical University Innsbruck (Austria)

- 2013

Chicago (USA): Plastic surgery and microsurgery
University of Chicago Hospitals & Mount Sinai Hospital