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Rhinoplasty in Zurich

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What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is surgical operation to reshape and change how the nose looks, usually for cosmetic reasons but occasionally for functional ones as well, such enhancing breathing. There are many types of cosmetic surgery for rhinoplasy such as augmentation rhinoplasty, tip rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty bridge reduction, laser rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, nonsurgical rhinoplasty, filler rhinoplasty, injectable rhinoplasty, rhinoseptoplasty, reduction rhinoplasty, liquid nose job. Rhinoplasty is commonly performed as an outpatient operation under general anesthesia, can improve face harmony and self-confidence. Although rhinoplasty recovery time vary, patients may endure swelling and bruising for a few weeks after the operation.

What is nose job?

Nose job is more commonly and casually used than the formal medical term "rhinoplasty" by healthcare professionals to describe the nose surgery. A "nose job" or "rhinoplasty" both involve the same surgical procedure. The procedure of changing the nose's size, shape, or appearance for either cosmetic or practical purposes is described by both names. Non surgical nose job is another term.

Rhinoplasty in Zurich

Patients choose rhinoplasty in Zurich for various reasons, including:

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

A good candidate for rhinoplasty typically exhibits the following characteristics:

Rhinoplasty surgery Zurich

Theswissnose Rhinoplasty | Zurich

How you prepare

What are the steps of a rhinoplasty procedure?

The steps of a rhinoplasty procedure typically include:

What are the advantages of rhinoplasty?

What rhinoplasty can treat

Rhinoplasty can treat various nasal issues, including:

Why it's done

Rhinoplasty is done for various reasons, including:


The risks associated with rhinoplasty include:

What you can expect

Here are itemized lists and answers to what should I expect during my rhinoplasty recovery?

During the Procedure:

After the Procedure:

What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon about rhinoplasty?

Surgical Approach:

Risks and Complications:

How do you handle complications if they arise? (Know the surgeon's approach.)


What is the typical recovery time for rhino surgery? (Plan for post-surgery downtime.)

What should I expect during the immediate post-operative period? (Understand the recovery process.)


Will there be visible scarring, and if so, where? (Learn about potential scars.)

How do you minimize scarring? (Discuss scar management techniques.)

Nose job cost and Payment:

What is the total rhinoplasty cost of the procedure, including all fees? (Clarify the financial aspects.)

Do you offer financing options or payment plans? (Explore payment options.)

Surgical Facility:

Where will the nose operation take place? (Confirm the location.)

Is the facility accredited and equipped for rhinoplasty surgery? (Ensure safety and quality.)


What type of anesthesia will be used during the surgery? (Discuss anesthesia options.)

Who will administer and monitor the anesthesia? (Ensure qualified personnel.)

Before and After Photos:

Can I see before and after photos of patients with similar nasal issues? (Evaluate the surgeon's work.)

What can I realistically expect in terms of results? (Set realistic expectations.)

Recovery Instructions:

What post-operative care instructions should I follow? (Understand aftercare.)

Are there any restrictions on activities, diet, or medication? (Know post-surgery limitations.)

Follow-up Appointments:

How many follow-up appointments will be necessary, and when will they occur? (Plan for post-op visits.)

How will you assess my healing progress? (Discuss monitoring.)

Alternative Options:

Are there non-surgical alternatives or less invasive procedures to address my concerns? (Explore alternatives.)

Personalized Plan:

Can you outline a personalized treatment plan for my specific goals and needs? (Customize your approach.)


Can you provide references from previous rhinoplasty patients I can contact? (Seek patient feedback.)

Realistic Expectations:

What are the realistic expectations I should have regarding the outcome of my rhinoplasty procedure? (Set appropriate expectations.)

Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos


Rhinoplasty Before and After

Theswissnose Rhinoplasty | Zurich


Glance to rhinoplasty

How many days after rhinoplasty can you work

Generally at least one week off from work to rest and recover is enough

(During the first week after rhinoplasty, most patients experience the most significant swelling and bruising. You are likely to have a nasal splint or cast in place during this time)

Is it painful to get a nose job?

No, it is not painful to get a nose job. However pain and discomfort are common after getting a nose job

How long after rhinoplasty can I fly?

Surgeons often recommend waiting at least 7 to 10 days or longer before flying, as this allows the initial swelling and bruising to subside and the nasal tissues to stabilize.

If you are planning a long-distance flight, it may be advisable to wait a bit longer, possibly 2 to 4 weeks post-surgery, to ensure that you are well into the healing process and less susceptible to complications.

Is rhinoplasty 100% safe?

No, it is not considered 100% safe.

Like any surgical procedure, carries some degree of risk, However, it is generally considered a safe and well-tolerated surgery when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon in an accredited medical facility.

Duration of treatment?

The surgery typically takes between 1 to 3 hours.

Suitable age range?

Surgeons generally recommend waiting until nasal growth is complete, which typically occurs around the age of 15 to 16 for girls and around 17 to 18 for boys.

Warranty or guarantee?

Please ask your insurance service

Can a nose job look natural?

Yes, a nose job can look natural.

In fact, many individuals seek rhinoplasty to enhance their nasal appearance while maintaining a natural and harmonious look that complements their facial features.

Is nose job worth it?

Yes, nose job is worth it.

Some advices

If you are looking for rhinoplasty near me (non surgical nose job near me) and want to learn our nose surgery price please contact us.

Nose job price in Zurich, Switzerland, can range from CHF 8,000 to CHF 20,000 or more, depending on various factors including the surgeon's expertise and the specific requirements of the procedure.

A revision rhinoplasty specialist is crucial because they possess the specialized skills and experience required to correct and improve the results of previous nose surgeries, ensuring both aesthetic and functional success. So you must find good surgeon.

Showering after rhinoplasty should be done carefully, following your surgeon's instructions to avoid getting the surgical site wet and potentially causing complications.

Breathing after rhinoplasty may initially feel congested and restricted due to swelling and nasal packing, but should gradually improve as the healing process progresses.