Revision rhinoplasty in Zurich

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What does revision rhinoplasty mean?

Revision or secondary rhinoplasty corrects or improves a previous nose surgery. To correct asymmetry, breathing concerns, or disappointing cosmetic results from the original rhinoplasty. In basic words, revision rhinoplasty can mend or enhance a previous nose operation that's unhappy or problematic. The intricacy of modifying a previously operated nose demands a qualified surgeon. Discuss expectations and concerns with our surgeon before revision rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty in Zurich

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Revision rhinoplasty in Zurich

People in Zurich are increasingly getting rhinoplasty to fix or improve their previous nose surgeries. People want better looks and better functionality, which is what drives the demand. Revision rhinoplasty specialists in Zurich who are known for their skill in correction surgeries help to make this trend happen. After their first surgery, many people choose repeat rhinoplasty to fix problems like unevenness or breathing problems. Before thinking about revision rhinoplasty, it's important to talk to experienced doctors, such as Dr. med. Simon Zimmermann, MD, in Zurich about your individual goals and expectations.

The procedure

In Zurich, the revision rhinoplasty operation begins with a comprehensive examination and discussion of your goals with our trained surgeon. The revision rhinoplasty surgeon will thoroughly inspect the current nose anatomy, taking into account both cosmetic and functional features. During the operation, the surgeon makes changes to address problems raised by the original treatment. This might involve straightening the nose, correcting asymmetry, or enhancing breathing. Zurich surgeons prioritise accuracy to get the desired results. After surgery, surgeons create a revision rhinoplasty recovery plan to aid recuperation. Postoperative treatment and follow-up are essential for optimum outcomes.

Differences between primary and revision rhinoplasty

One-time nose surgery in Zurich to improve look or function is called primary rhinoplasty. As opposed to the first surgery, revision rhinoplasty fixes problems that came up during the first surgery. With correction, dealing with scar tissue and current changes is more difficult. Working on the nose's natural shape makes primary rhinoplasty easier. Although both operations are meant to give natural-looking results, revision rhinoplasty needs special skills because the nose has changed. For a good and happy result, it is important to choose a skilled surgeon in Zurich, especially for revision cases.

Closed rhinoplasty revision

Surgeons in Zurich perform closed rhinoplasty revisions by making incisions inside the nose, resulting in no visible scars on the outside. Surgeons use this method to improve or fix nose treatments that have already been done. The closed method makes it easier to target specific problems, like unevenness or breathing problems. Skilled doctors in Zurich frequently favour closed revision rhinoplasty because it can produce results that are natural-looking and show few overt signs. For a successful and satisfied result, it's important to talk to our skilled surgeon about the best way to proceed based on your specific needs and goals.

Is revision rhinoplasty more expensive?

Yes, revision rhinoplasty in Zurich can be more expensive than the initial procedure. This is because it often requires advanced skills to address previous alterations. The complexity and precision involved contribute to the higher cost. It's important to discuss pricing details with your surgeon during the consultation. Here's a general range of revision rhinoplasty prices in Zurich:

Is revision rhinoplasty free?

No, revision rhinoplasty in Zurich is not free. It is a surgical process that requires expertise and funding. Some health plans may not pay for it if it's just for appearance. Prices vary, and you should talk to your doctor about money problems during the session to get a full picture of the costs.

Is revision rhinoplasty safe?

Yes, revision rhinoplasty in Zurich is usually safe as long as it is done by a skilled operator. Careful evaluations, accuracy during surgery, and individualised care after surgery all help lower the risks. Selecting a reliable Zurich surgeon and expressing any concerns during the consultation are crucial for ensuring a successful and risk-free operation.

Is it worth getting revision rhinoplasty?

Yes, revision rhinoplasty in Zurich is worth it. It might be beneficial to consider this option, if a prior operation caused you to experience particular complications regarding appearance or function and you are determined to achieve a resolution. Seek guidance from our proficient surgeon to deliberate on your objectives and ascertain whether revision rhinoplasty corresponds with your anticipations.

Is rhinoplasty revision difficult?

Previous procedures change nasal architecture, making revision rhinoplasty difficult. Precision requires skilled surgeons. The revision process is complicated, but Dr. med. Simon Zimmermann increases the chances of success. Aesthetic considerations are efficiently addressed, resulting in immediate, discomfort-free smile improvement.

How many times can you have revision rhinoplasty?

The number of revision rhinoplasties depend on individual cases. While there's no strict limit, it's essential to prioritise careful planning and thorough discussions with our surgeon. Multiple revisions may pose challenges, so decisions should consider both cosmetic goals and nasal health to achieve satisfactory outcomes safely.

Is revision rhinoplasty more painful?

An equivalent degree of pain is experienced during revision rhinoplasty as during the initial procedure. Although post-operative pain management is a subject of individual variation, surgeons place a high priority on it. Despite the fact that patients may naturally encounter distress during the recovery phase, our highly skilled surgeons diligently strive to guarantee their maximum comfort.

How long is recovery for revision rhinoplasty?

Recovery after revision rhinoplasty typically takes a few weeks. During this time, swelling and bruises eventually decrease. Follow-up appointments, post-operative instructions, and avoiding strenuous activities will help speed recovery.

What is the success rate of revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty demonstrates a success rate exceeding 85%. Individual case complexities and the surgeon's level of expertise are among the variables that influence the revision rhinoplasty success rate. Highly proficient surgeons in Zurich strive for exceptional success rates; however, results may differ. To obtain a more precise comprehension of potential outcomes, it is vital to have a comprehensive discussion with your surgeon regarding expectations and hazards.


If you want to improve or fix problems from a previous nose surgery, you need to get revision rhinoplasty. Skilled doctors are experts in this complicated process, which can help with both appearance and function. For successful and satisfied results, people who want to make changes must choose an experienced surgeon in Zurich and have in-depth conversations.

Risk-free outcomes are conceivable with revision rhinoplasty performed in Zurich, which provides substantial advantages. Both aesthetics and respiratory function may be improved. Our highly proficient surgeons are experts at resolving complications that have arisen since prior operations. Self-assurance and general welfare may be enhanced by favourable results. Incorporating revision rhinoplasty into your treatment plan requires candid conversations with your surgeon.